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What is the main application and how to install the chain link fence?

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Which fence has a large tensile force? To the number of chian link fence. The conventional style chian link fence with dip chian link fence, galvanized chian link fence, spray chian link fence, stainless steel chian link fence etc. this popular style, the fence net collocation column fence, the stadium is the most common use of the stadium fence. Stadium fence by chian link fence, bar, column three parts. This part has its normal size, mesh, width is three meters, fence installation did not have a lot of installed customers feel very hard, if the installation is not good, not only did not play the beautiful effect, but the impact on the image, away too much, is not in the lead tangled fence net, or brick instead, there was nothing to ask first customer installation method, the fence after the arrival of the first column one installed, and then install the mesh fence, the first piece can be installed fence bit distance is wrong, third pieces are installed on the basic. Again, ask the factory installation method, tell him, still have to rework, actually very simple installation of fence, pre buried fence, installation time, from the starting point to the first column starting point digging, put away, don't pour Cement, brick cover column does not fall on the line, and then the rest were arranged, a mesh of a column that all screws tightened, and then use the column with no end column this alignment has been put down, on the screw hole level on the straight, then look at the end point of this column and draw the screen off the mark, start digging, digging dug to put it in, put in with the other side of the screw hole after the screw, this just put the mask on and brick pillars, so the installation of a down, with bamboo or wooden poles every 5 mesh, anti to check out all right, after pouring cement, cement did not do when one person, a person in charge of angle adjustment, so that the cement dry fence does not appear if the status quo is reel right and left is difficult, we can also be responsible for the installation. The highest height can be four meters; the cross bar specifications are generally round, five centimeters and two millimeters thick, and the diameter of the column is six centimeters and the wall thickness is two millimeters. This is only the general specification size, the customer can also according to their own actual conditions to specify the size. In the condition that the production conditions of the guardrail net are allowed, the production will be made according to the requirements of the customer. Barrier nets are processed and treated with galvanizing. The purpose is to prevent rust. Hot galvanizing is to remove oil, pickle, dip and dry into the molten zinc for a time. Hot dip galvanized appearance than slightly rough, silvery white appearance, easy production process and a few drops of water tumor, especially it is more obvious at one end of the workpiece. But the zinc layer of hot-dip galvanizing is several times thicker than that of galvanizing, and it is anticorrosive, which is more than ten times of galvanizing. Because the thickness of the sprayed product is thin, the sprayed plastic can only be 0.2mm, so we must first hot dip galvanized before spraying to ensure the quality is intact, and the product life will last longer.