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Installation steps of guardrail net

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The main steps of the fence installation include: Measurement and discharge line, original ground treatment (replacement and tamping), slope and excavation of foundation pit, temporary location of vertical column, installation of protection railing, concrete foundation for pouring column, fastening and adjustment of fence net.

(1) measurement of lofting: according to the requirements of the drawing design and the actual terrain, the situation of the ground objects to carry out the construction setting out, set the center line of the column, and install the fence according to the specified slope and line.

(2) the original ground treatment is an important prerequisite for ensuring the alignment and integrity of the fence. It is necessary to replace and consolidate the soft layer under the foundation, so as to lay the upright post and ensure the stability of the column. Column installation section, from the longitudinal view, the axis of the column in a straight line, there should not be uneven phenomenon; from the height, the top of the column is smooth, should not appear uneven situation, special terrain except.

(3) the benchmarks and the white lines are set up on the basis of the survey and setting out, and the original ground is filled with the fill and the smooth slope, and it is rammed again, and the setting position is installed to excavate the foundation pit of the column, so as to ensure the size of the foundation pit.

(4) the column installation process must ensure the stability of the column and the connection with the foundation. In the installation process of the column, a small line is used to test the straight-line of the column installation, and the part is adjusted to ensure straight line section, the curve section is smooth, and the column is fixed to the requirements of the design drawings.

(5) the mesh must be firmly connected to the column, and the net surface is smooth and flat without obvious warpage and bump.

(6) after the column is temporarily positioned and installed, the installation hurdle will be poured into the concrete foundation and timely maintenance after ensuring that the installation is correct and firm. In order to ensure that the installation of the guardrail is firm, the enclosure is tight and the effect is beautiful, it is difficult to install the protective fence because of the uneven terrain and the uneven terrain.

It is recommended that the owners build a 30cm * 30cm mixed Foundation Retaining Wall around the terminal tower, and then install guardrail on the top of the retaining wall.